Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Project...and Old, Too

I started something new this past week. It will be really fast to finish, so I stopped. I need a project to work on at Terry's tomorrow, and this one will be perfect.

It requires 18 9-patch blocks, which I've completed. This quilt is going to be quite muted in color. I'm not seeing a whole lot of contrast in these blocks. That's not to say I think I am going to be disappointed. Quite the contrary. I have often admired quilts with low contrast--they are soft and soothing, every bit as wonderful as quilts with more traditional contrast.

You may recall these fabrics from a post I did back in the summer. I wanted to feature that fabric in the center of the block - a floral on a soft green-gray background, but I only had 1 yard of it. Well, as luck would have it, several weeks ago when I was just browsing through the flat-fold table of fabrics at my local Ben Franklin, and what do I see??? This same floral fabric!! I bought 2 more yards of it, and now I'm moving along with my project.

Color me a very happy quilter!

Another project for me this week was making 2 gifts for Frienzie birthdays. In my closet of UFOs, I had several things to choose from (it's like going shopping in there!). I ended up deciding on table toppers. However, I did NOT have time to hand-quilt them, which all along, that is what I thought I would do with these table toppers. I decided it was high-time I forced myself to machine quilt.

And so I did.

I did not have very much quilting to do on it, and I took my time. Overall, I was pleased with the effort. Tacking down the binding was easily accomplished in a couple of evenings in front of the TV, so all-in-all, this was a good thing to do. I removed 2 UFOs from my workspace, I practiced my machine quilting techniques, and gave gifts to 2 friends.

Pam, one of the recipients of a (belated) birthday gift, sent me a picture of her table topper already put to use in her house. She says it matches her decor very nicely. And I have to agree.

So, that brings me up to date on my projects.


I did start a little something late last night that I will have to share. Stay tuned! *wink*

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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