Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SWF at Terry's

If you are needing help getting motivated to stitch, then this is the post for you today. Terry had a day of sewing at her house yesterday, and a total of 6 of us were in attendance. Man-oh-man, is there a LOT of fun stuff coming together!

Sharon O. was appliqueing a Halloween wall-hanging.

Sheryll was also in Halloween project mode. She was working on the quilt on the cover of this book.

Every time I looked over at her machine, Sheryll had an assembly line of pieces lined up for stitiching. She will have this done in no time, I have no doubt.

I am sure some of you recognize this bit of gorgeousness. Terry was finishing up her Generals' Wives quilt. I MUST make this quilt someday. I have loved on it ever since first seeing it almost a year ago. Here's more of Terry's work.

At the end of the day, Terry spread the quilt top out on her bed - oh no!! Do you see the unsewing she is going to have to do?? I could sense her discouragement, but she's a go-getter, and I imagine this will be corrected pronto!
Monica was working on a BOM from this book. The block is called Blind Man's Fancy.
Quite an involved block, isn't it? I am unsure if she is making more of this same block, or if her BOM is different each month.
JoAnn spent the better part of her day playing with fabric. Her intent is to make this quilt - or at least a major part of it. So she was digging through a bin of fabric, putting combinations together for many of the pieced blocks.

My project involved these leftover blocks from the last Thrifty quilt I made a few weeks ago. I dug around in the stash and located several tan-neutrals and burgundy-reds to add to these 4-patch blocks. I will be making something along the line of a Jacob's Ladder. And I will share pics in a later post. *wink*
The bonus of the day was the show and tell from Terry and Monica, who had been to a quilting event in Iowa at a shop called Country Threads. OMG! You are now in for a treat!
Monica shows off a finish from the workshop.
This one is a bit blurry, but I think it's evident that it's a Courthouse Steps/Log Cabin-style block. I believe it was one of Terry's finishes from the workshop.
This Jelly Roll Race Quilt is Terry's. I notice that she did her seams on the bias, whereas the ones I've seen have all been straight seams. Interesting change up; I like it.
Terry was on a real patriotic streak with the following three beauties.
Quite inspiring, isn't it? I should add that they came home with numerous oh-so-gorgeous kits and a stack of patterns that had me drooling! I am so ready to get things sewn - how about you??
This conclude your inspiration for the day!  Now, go get busy!!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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