Monday, October 8, 2012

So Behind!

Here's a post that should have been issued a week ago. Last Tuesday, JoAnn came over for some quilting (it was Frankfort Girls' sewing day, but we had a big snafu in the scheduling department; and that's all I'm going to say about that!)

Anyway, there were just the two of us - JoAnn and me - but we just visited and sewed and ate coffee cake like any other sewing day! I even had a 2nd cup of coffee - rare for me!

JoAnn worked on binding this wall-hanging. It's still not quite finished, but don't you just love it? If you recall, she bought this kit when we all traveled to Lebanon awhile back for a quilt show; then we saw her machine quilting it just a few weeks ago at a sewing day at Terry's house. Now it's almost ready for hanging!

I spent the morning picking out those Lone Star points I showed you all in a recent post. Dreadful work, but made so much more pleasant with friend over to visit with - curbs the grumbling, you know.

Off to Terry's today for more sewing. My machine is ready and I've got not one, but two, projects I can work on!! Yay me!

Happy Quilting!

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