Friday, October 26, 2012

Aunt Margaret - Quilt #4

The last quilt from my aunt is quite pretty. In fact, Margaret says this is one of her favorites - a scrappy 9-patch. This is what a going-on-90-quilter does when she is using up her scraps. I remember when Grandma was working on this quilt. She delighted in matching up the combinations and using up the tiniest bits in her stash.

Isn't it a happy quilt? Margaret's description of it in her email says it best, "I just love this one. It is the best example of Mom's use of color to its best advantage. She said she used up all her little left over pieces on this one and you can see why. It is just beautiful on the bed and I use it on the guest bed."

As I look at these various scraps, I see several that I recognize from different projects. This is a real record of all the quilts Grandma did over the year when you think about it. I am glad Margaret has it, for I know she values such heirlooms.

Well, for now, that concludes this updating of the chronicling of Grandma's quilts. I have several other aunts to contact, and then on to the cousins. And my siblings. And Mom. This could go on for quite awhile, I reckon!

Remember, you can see all of Grandma's quilts by clicking on the page heading at the top of the blog.

In my sewing room, I have been practicing my machine-quilting. I have a couple of small projects to show you in the coming days.

Happy quilting, Friends!

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