Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Quilts at Terry's House

Over the years I have taken blog tours through the quilty homes of several of my friends. Sharon, Kay, Sheryll. Well, you are in for a treat today, because we are going to tour the lovely quilty home of Terry.

This little quilt is draped over a bench as we enter Terry's house. It is typical "Terry style" -- primitive, reproduction, and intricately pieced and  carefully quilted.

This sweet basket quilt is displayed on a cupboard next to the bench. Isn't it darling? Terry must have really liked it too, because across the kitchen is another one!

Slightly different items in the baskets, but same design. Same sweet quilt! Love 'em both!

This seasonal quilt hangs on the wall above the kitchen table.

We will step into the family room. There are many quilts decorating the walls. This one, above, has all the elements of a primitive quilt.

Terry has a very pretty balcony over her family room, and it looks spectacular with a patriotic quilt draped over it. It is wonderful, and makes quite a statement in her room.

 After entering the family room from the kitchen, if you turn around and look above the doorway, this antique quilt hangs in a protective frame. I am sure Terry has told me the significance of this heirloom, but of course, I am unable to recall it now...anyway, it is really pretty, and it hold such a regal place there above the entry.

There are quilts all over the place! Here is a small wall hanging.

This is on the coffee table.

Here is a small quilt on an antique cupboard.

This is a sweet Thanksgiving/fall wall hanging. So simple!
This quilt is draped over an easy chair. I remember showing this as a new finish just a few months ago.
And above that easy chair, this patriotic rooster struts his stuff.
To round out a well-appointed quilty room, we can't forget the pillows. Here is another patriotic rooster, this one is perched on a chair.
 Three fall-themed pillows rest above the sofa.
So, there you have it -- a quilty tour through Terry's lovely country home. I hope you are inspired by the beautiful array of quilted items.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Thanks for the tour. Quite a collection.

  2. Loved the tour~ all wonderful quilts! Thanks!

  3. Oh my, such wonderful quilts! The problem with visiting another quilter's home is that I want to go home and make everything she had. :) blessings, marlene


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