Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finished Pseudo-Toile

Finally, I finished the pseudo-toile quilt. I had the borders to finish and then I got this awful sinus infection. That threw me for a loop, but I'm feeling better, and I got the borders on this morning.

The inner border was easy - no trouble. The outer border required the attachment of the corner squares and then normal procedures. I've done these corner squares before, but doing them with a sinus infection required too much brain energy. (Yeah, I know that sounds pathetic.)

Here is one corner. It all went together quite easily, so I really had no need to feel like it was going to be difficult.

And here she is, all done up on the guest bed. Looks pretty darn good, and I am glad I made it. This quilt was not on my goals list for the year, but that's okay. We need to have leeway, right??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Gorgeous quilt!!! Love the colors!! I completely understand about sinus issues prohibiting concentration. Happens to me all spring with allergies.

  2. Absolutely stunning. And sewing with any illness causes me to make horrendous mistakes.

  3. That is great Jayne. I love how the "toile" makes the colours in the 9-patches stand out somehow.

    Hope your sinuses have settled down now.

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  5. Not at all pathetic. I know first hand that sinus infections are killer! They may only hurt your head but they make you miserable and worn out too.


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