Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Best

The  best sewing/quilting is that which is done with friends. I am so fortunate to have a wide circle of friends who enjoy sewing together. This week, for example, 4 opportunities to sew with others appear on my calendar.

Monday had me with the Frienzies at Sherrie's house for sewing. We made lots of stars for a quilt that is sort of hush-hush. I don't think the recipient(s) is a reader here, so a tiny hint like this won't spoil any future plans for a surprise. Needless to say, though, you won't be seeing any pictures of it for awhile. *grin*

Tuesday, yesterday, took me to Grove City and Mary's Barn. Six quilters met and 4 of us worked on the project she was offering: a Peek-A-Boo Bag. We had such a variety of fabrics for this cute little bag. (I will share the projects of the other two girls in another post.)

Mary, our hostess and teacher extraordinaire, had the black
and white bag finished; she made the red one along with us.

Colleen, a new acquaintance, made this bag. I love the colors!
Monica made this bag. Love the colors on it, too!
It looks good in both traditional and modern prints.
Terry's bag featured polka dots, and it, too, looks great!

My bag was a bit of a bugger to finish.
Instead of using interfacing, I used a thin batting.
It wasn't such a good substitution.

I started a second bag while at Mary's and finished it here at home today.
I am much happier with the results.
Tomorrow I am off to Peebles for a fun day with my cousin Marilyn and her quilting friends in the Loose Threads Quilt Club. You will remember the posts from last month when my mother, grandmother and I went down for their show. You can refresh your memory here and here, if you like. In both of those posts, I referred to their group as a guild, when in fact, they prefer the term club. The term guild connotes a more structured group, and they prefer the looser confines that a club affords.

But I digress...the reason I am going to this club meeting is another first for me - I am invited to bring my quilts and do a "trunk show." Well, why not? Having never done that before, I figured I might as well, and I am looking forward to it. I have several quilts given to me by Grandma that she made and used. I have several that I made and Grandma quilted, and I have several that I've done all by myself. And then, of course, I have a growing number of flimsies or quilt tops, too. So I think I will find enough to entertain us. I will spend time this afternoon pulling quilts out of cupboards and deciding which ones to take. I will share pics of that in a future post.

Then on Friday, the Frankfort girls will be meeting for our regularly scheduled 9-noon get together, this time at Terry's. I blew up the last one as I went to Amish Country instead, and it was my turn to hostess. I think I am forgiven, however, as some of the others had potential conflicts, too.

So, there you have it! A busy week of QwF - Quilting with Friends! I am so blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my life. I know for sure that I wouldn't get nearly as much sewing and quilting done if I didn't have them to encourage and challenge me. They are, indeed, THE BEST!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. WoW, what a week, sounds like fun. Are the See Through bag used for projects or purse?

  2. I had a fun day Tuesday sewing with you. I look forward to doing it again soon.



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