Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mondo Bag

What is it about bags? I seem to have such desire to have them. Many of them. Almost to the point of having ridiculously more than I could ever possibly use.

Can you relate? (Please, someone, you must tell me you relate! I can't be the only bag hoarder amongst us!)

So in my indecisiveness about which quilt to begin next (see previous post), I grabbed out one of the bag patterns I've recently acquired - The Mondo Bag. I bought it at the quilt show in Cincinnati back at the beginning of April.

The pattern is by Quiltsmart, a company I can't say I am familiar with at all. But I have seen these Mondo Bags at various shows, and have been aware of them for awhile now.

The bag is made with printed fusible interfacing, which is provided in the pattern. All I had to do was cut out 208-2.5" squares and fuse them on. Then sew, clip, press, etc, etc.

I used a Bali Pop pack of batiks for the outer squares (The entire BP was not used; only 15 strips were required.). Then I had to dig to find something suitable for the lining. I had only one piece of batik fabric large enough for this lining (1.25 yds.), and that is the one I used. I like bag linings to be bright/light so it's easier to find stuff. I put the pattern down in the bottom to show you the perspective on just how gi-normous this bag is.

I must give this pattern designer some props. It took some really creative juices to come up with this. I wondered A LOT during construction just how in the world someone creates something like this bag? It goes together in such an unusual way - someone really had their thinking cap on, that's for sure.

The picture on the pattern shows it as a beach bag, and that is how I plan to use mine. A couple of girlfriends and I will be heading out for a week of fun and sun at Myrtle Beach in a few weeks, and this will serve nicely.

I began and finished my Mondo Bag all in one day, however, the "easy" and "fast" proclamation on the pattern is something I question just a bit. This big ol' bag was a bugger to wrestle with at the sewing machine. Would I make another one? Sure. I would have to purchase the printed fusible interfacing, which the company sells. Maybe for someone else, too, as I don't actually need to have more than this one Mondo Bag.

Or do I??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. LOL I love bags too! And I like making them! Your bag is perfect for the beach~ have fun!!

  2. Course you need another one! A girl can never have too many can she?

  3. Bags....we need alot of bags....I have a bag problem now I want to make this one, trying to find a stockist here in Australia, I will find it....have a great day

  4. Hi Jayne! Stopping by from the Sew Darn Crafty Linky Party :) Love the bag!

  5. I am getting ready to make one of these this next week! I chose the same Bali Pop also!!

  6. My entire quilt group made this Mondo bag and EVERYONE uses it all the time. I thought the instructions were VERY confusing and I definitely needed help along the way to get my brain trained. It's not an easy pattern, but now that I know who to make, I am definitely going to make another.

  7. I have been trying for 2 days to figure out how to get my 4 sections together. The directions just don't work.

  8. I have been trying for 2 days to figure out how to get my 4 sections together. The directions just don't work.


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