Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sharon's Progress

It has been awhile since I updated you on Sharon's progress on the Three Coins quilt she is making with the wonderful Roman Holiday fabric. Click here to read about her beginning this quilt.

We had been sewing together every Monday, but we are now offering up every-other-Monday to go to Sherrie's to sew for Frienzie projects. I think the wedding quilt is just about done.

So, when a gal can only work on a project twice a month, she finds that she doesn't make very quick progress. Before the commitment to Frienzies, Sharon had finished all the setting blocks, leaving 16 stars to be made. She has 8 completed stars as of this past Monday.

They are real "buggers" - pieces cut at 16ths of an inch kind of buggers. My count has 45 pieces in each block, so it is quite the complicated star. But oh, so worth it!

Tomorrow, I will share the picture of my finished pseudo-toile quilt. I have had the nastiest head cold, and haven't been as diligent with the borders as I should.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I really love this pattern... the more I see it the more it grows on me. Those blocks are certainly "futzy" but they are stunning!


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