Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not Much New

I find myself rather at odds on what project to focus on next. It happens, occasionally, and I think many other quilters find it happens with them, too. I have a grand list for the 2013 goals that I could go to, but which one??? I don't seem to be able to make a decision! Goodness gracious...

Well, while I dither, I found these 2 cartoons in my photo file, and I don't think I've shared them.

I thought this was cute. It reminded me of that sitcom from the 90's with Tim Allen. Are you ever struck by just how wonderful our sewing machines are? I use mine a lot, and rarely do I need to have it serviced. They really are power tools.

As a word person and English teacher, this one really appealed to me. *grin*

Speaking of fabric, before my dinner with Frienzies yesterday, I dashed in to the wonderful Old Town Quilt Shop in Chillicothe. My plan was to use the gift certificates I got for Mothers' Day. However, what I wanted was unavailable. That wonderful quilt made with Barbara Brackman's William Morris fabrics has totally captured my fancy. I was going to purchase the fat 8ths pack and make it. Well, they'd sold their last one, so they are going to cut one for me, and then have an extra one to sell. (You can't just cut one pack of fat 8ths, ya' know?)

Here's the quilt again, in case you don't want to go back through searching.

It's called Tapestry, and ever since Kelly showed it to me - even before it was quilted! - I have been enamored with it. Old Town carries the entire line of Wm. Morris fabrics, so I have really lucked out! Won't it be an easy quilt to make?

Well, I need to get busy finishing my book for tonight's book club meeting. It's called Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It's a nonfiction account of the author's experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I am enjoing it, and have about 100 pages to polish off this afternoon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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