Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pseudo-Toile Quilt

I have dubbed this quilt as pseudo-toile because in the place where the pattern calls for tiole, I am using a non-toile-but-sorta-kinda-could-resemble-toile-if-you-squinted print.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Here are the blocks laid out on the guest bed. Since doing this, I have about half of it sewn into strips now.

And a close-up. Gotta' see it close, you know! You can check out what I mean about the "pseudo-toile," too.

It is going together nicely, although if I'd trim up a bit, it would be even better. So on what remains, I will probably go ahead and trim, just to make for fewer aggravations.

Tomorrow is a big day!! The annual 30% off sale at Mrs. Miller's in Charm, OH, in the heart of Amish Country!! I will be going with a group of 3 other quilter friends. We start out early - I will be leaving my house at 6:45am! I have a shopping list, so I don't intend to get too frivolous with my fabric purchases.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. You do amazing work Mrs. Honnold! Your quilts are simply beautiful!

  2. You do amazing work Mrs. Honnold! Your quilts are simply beautiful!

  3. Love it~ the pseudo-toile is perfect. :-) Have fun shopping!

  4. It works, toile or not. Wish I could tag along with you girls going to Mrs Miller's in Charm. You can't get more Amish than that. Have a good lunch and be sure to show us all your goodies.

  5. You are moving right along on this beauty and it is looking great!

  6. Hey Jayne, I like the pseudo-toile and the set of the blocks. It will make a great bed quilt! And thanks for the before and after shots of your lilac. Mostly I like my mild coastal climate, not to cold in the winter and not to hot in the summer, but my lilac bush won't flower worth beans 'cause they do like that hard feeze in the winter. Sooo beautiful and fragrant! Happy May! cheers, Claire W.

  7. See... I am not the only one with a design bed instead of a design wall!!!


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