Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Way-Back Wednesday

Since doing the Trunk Show last Thursday for the Loose Threads Quilt Club, I've had quilts to put away. Before doing that, though, I took pictures of the quilts so that I could write the history of each one. Then I figured maybe it would be something worth sharing here. So whether you are interested or not, I am going to attempt to share an old quilt each Wednesday for the next few weeks/months.

To introduce the trek through my quilts of old, let's look at two Double Irish Chains.

In the mid-1980s, I bought my first mat and rotary cutter to make this quilt. I took it as a class at a now-defunct local quilt shop offering, I believe, a Quilt-In-A-Day/Eleanor Burns project. I cut it out at home and went to the class ready to sew. It is my very first effort at chain piecing. When finished, I asked Grandma to quilt it for me, and she did. We used this quilt on our bed for many years - I'll guess 10, at least.

Then I decided to make another one on my own to give to my daughter for her bed. Does anything say 80's any more than this color - dusty coral/rose/pink? I was crazy about it then, and was so pleased to be making this "heirloom" for her.

This quilt became my first-ever hand-pieced quilt. By me, that is. I had a new "Q-Snap" quilting frame, and it decorated our family room one long winter while I worked on it. I do not remember exactly how long I spent piecing and quilting it, but it was stretched out over a few years, I'm sure. The quilting actually happened sometime after we moved to our current location in 1992.

Here is a collage of close-ups of both quilts. The quilting shows up better. At some point, I  hope both quilts will be treasured by my kids.

So, there's day one of Way-Back Wednesday.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I've got a sneaking feeling that about the time I rid myself of all things mauve (I was country blue and mauve all over) it will be stylish again... but not in my house~! What a good idea to take photos while you had them out, it's fun to see the contrast in quilting.

  2. Made a few of the QIAD Irish Chains myself, love the pattern but I must say your blue and white is much prettier than mine. As I remember mine was a pink print with blue chains-------yuck!

  3. I love 2-colour quilts, and Irish Chain quilts, so howcome I have never made one myself? Hmm, another one for the to-do list!

    Yours are beautiful, and the blue one in particular will never go out of fashion.


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