Friday, May 10, 2013

Run-of-the-Mill Stuff

Non-quilting folks probably wonder what on earth we quilters do that warrants such regular coverage on a blog. It just doesn't seem like there'd be anything to write about on a long-term and regular basis. That's what a non-quilter would think.

On the contrary, we quilters know that our little brains are always thinking of the next quilt, the next step, the next purchase, the next possibility and so on. And when we aren't thinking of our own quilty ideas, we might be thinking about the quilts our friends are making, for every quilt a friend makes is one more possibility for us!

Plans, plans, plans.

So yesterday, I stopped over at Terry's for a little visit. She was having us all in for quilting, but I begged off because of the sinus thing. Since I felt better by afternoon, I just popped in to see what everyone was working on.

Terry was working away on creating more 6.5" blocks for the Farmer's Wife quilt. Makes me think I need to get mine out and get busy on a few more blocks. It's fun to do in small bits.

This stack of blocks belongs to Monica. They are perhaps 3.5" square. Talk about tiny pieces! She was working on this at the barn last month. I have a picture of it here. It is going to look so great when it is finally put together. I can just imagine myself becoming so impatient at this point with all the tiny pieces!

One must take satisfaction in knowing that as the stack grows, the quilt is another block closer to completion. The anticipation is what keeps us plugging away at it, even when it becomes tedious.

So, while Monica and Terry are working at their run-of-the-mill stuff, I am doing the same. I pulled out that pineapple topper I made at Mary's Barn last month, which I shared here. I'm thinking I need to add 3 more blocks to give the table topper a bit more substance. That will be the objective for today, I do believe.

Hope you all have fun with your run-of-the-mill work today!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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