Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hey Mom!!

Are you celebrating your mother today? We took the day yesterday to help spruce up my mother's yard and flower beds. Actually, DH did most of the hard work, along with various other family members, Mark, Ann, Abby, and Stephen. I took on the task of helping to babysit the most adorable twins in the world. They are 6 now, and about to finish kindergarten in a week or two.

Meet my mother, Jeannie. I am the oldest of 5; we have given her 13 grandkids, and 9 great-grands. Mom is as much fun as she looks. Always a sports fan, she loves a good ballgame - any sport - basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer. She definitely doesn't let any moss grow under her feet! She stays active by volunteering at the hospital, bowling every Wednesday, and playing cards in a couple of bridge clubs.

Here are those sweet twins; I couldn't get them both to smile for me at the same time.

Anna Rose

Mary Jean

Have a look Mom's beautified front flower bed. The work crew did extensive work around the house and around the garage. It was an all-day effort! We stopped back by there later, and Mom was out surveying her realm. It really looks fantastic. I do believe she is pleased.

Switching gears just a bit, let me share a cool Mother's Day sentiment. A dear friend will become a first-time mom very, very soon. Alison and her hubby Paul will welcome a little bundle of joy any day now. The due date is May 18. Happy almost-Mother's Day, Alison!!

This will be the first grandchild for our good friends Judy and Harold. They welcomed a daughter-in-law to the family last month, and will welcome a grandbaby this month. How nice is that? (You may remember the wedding quilt that I made for the new couple. Check this link to the post.)

Alison and Paul at her brother's wedding.
The expectant parents will, of course, be getting a baby quilt. When I learned that Ali was expecting, I contacted her about her preferences for a quilt. Since they opted not to find out the sex of the baby in advance, I needed to make a neutral quilt. Ali and Paul moved during this pregnancy, and when preparing their nursery, Ali told me that their colors would be gray and teal, with pops of orange. That became my color scheme, and here is the result.

I found a quilt on Pinterest that intrigued me - a chevron quilt which didn't require triangles. I bought the fabrics early in the year, cut it out and sewed the blocks in March, went into overdrive in April, and now it awaits an opportunity to be delivered to Ali and Paul.

This picture is from the Canter's Cave retreat. I had to be very careful when laying out the blocks. It was tricky and I had to focus. (Hard to do on a retreat!)

I will be sure to try to acquire a picture of the little bundle of joy on his or her quilt in due time. (Hint, hint, Judy and Ali!) It won't really be complete until a baby is wrapped up in it, right??

I am spending my mother's day with my husband helping our DD2 move back to Athens. She will be taking classes this summer, and has a couple of part time jobs. 

Happy Mother's Day!

And Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! I love that chevron quilt!

  2. You really look like your mother I think.

    I love the baby quilt and I bet the new parents will too.

    Hope your daughter's move went well.


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