Friday, May 2, 2014

Jan's Lucy Boston Blocks

Have you met Lucy Boston? She is new to me in the last month or so, and since first meeting her, I realize that I have seen her everywhere, I just hadn't been paying attention.

Lucy was a British quilter who used English paper piecing to create the beautiful pattern known as Patchwork of the Crosses. She must have been prolific, from the bit of reading I have done on her, as she was still quilting and publishing books well into her golden years. Here is a link to a pretty blog that shows some Lucy Boston applique. Click on this Wikipedia link to learn about her life.

The reason for all this historical introduction is that I have a new quilting friend, Jan, who is making a Lucy Boston quilt. She has several blocks completed, and a few more pinned into place for appliqueing down. Here is a montage of Jan's blocks. What strikes me is that there is not only a design formed with the color placement of each piece, but also careful placement of the template onto the fabric yields even more intricate designs in the patterns of flowers, stripes, flourishes and swirls.

I feel fairly certain that Jan had more completed than this, but heaven only knows what I've done with the pictures - if in fact I even took them all! Regardless, you can see how pretty these turned out, and how striking the finished quilt will be.

I have just a few more things from the Canter's Cave retreat to share, so bear with me for one or two more posts, then we will put that puppy to rest!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Wow! These blocks are gorgeous. The way the fabric is fussy cut makes some blocks look like they are beaded. Just beautiful.

  2. I've seen Lucy around blogland and I want to have a go at this crosses. I think they are lovely! Your friends' are lovely too!

  3. I see a lot of Lucy blocks through the Inklingo facebook and blog. The creator of Inklingo, Linda Franz is an avid Lucy Boston fan and has lots of post about these. Have not given in to the urge to do one, yet.


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