Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let's Make A Banner

At the end of the month I will be participating in a craft fair - a first for me as a vendor. Having no experience beyond being a shopper, I have been trying to think of ways to create a booth (table) that will be appealing and inviting. Since banners are kind of "in" right now, I thought I would see how I would do with making one for my little space.

What do you think? I am satisfied with it. It's made with layer cake-sized squares, and is the easiest thing out there. Since I didn't use a layer cake, opting instead to cut squares out of solid yardage that I had, it took me a bit longer than it otherwise would have. Even still, the banner came together quite fast. I can envision attaching letters to the banner - Happy Birthday, or Merry Christmas, or since it's graduation season, Congratulations Graduate would be nice, and I could make it in the grad's school colors. I see much potential with them.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest which came from a YouTube video from Missouri Star Quilt Company - with the ever perky hostess Jenny Doan. You can click on this link to find the one I used to make this banner. If you click here, you will find the introduction to her YouTube channel - there are links to a gazillion other video tutorials that she's done. I will warn you: they are addictive! I found myself watching videos of tips and techniques that I know!! It just goes to show you that learning can happen, regardless of skill level.

If you are in the area on Saturday, May 31, you should come out to the craft fair at Greenfield Elementary School. The event is being sponsored by my friend Dorothy who is helping raise money for her son to go on a dental mission trip to Nicaragua. Scott, her son, is studying to be a dentist, and will assist with dentistry treatments to needy Nicaraguans. There will be lots to see - and buy!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Love the banner, so colourful. But what are you vending? Curious and curiouser


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