Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some UFO Work

I am behind in reporting some of the projects from the UFO Challenge that we Frankfort Girls are doing. Here are 3 recent finishes by Sheryll that will make you want to get back to work on some of your own UFOs.

This log cabin quilt looks absolutely fantastic in its wonderful scrappiness. I didn't notice at the time of sharing, but I see a block turned upside down. I wonder if Sheryll knew? Or discovered it too late? Regardless, it is beautiful, and a work of art.

This patriotic star quilt is so appealing. I love the movement diagonally across the quilt, and the stars are big enough to make a real statement. Love, love, love.

Many of you Thimbleberries fans will recognize this pattern from one of her books from many moons ago. Sheryll worked on this a bit at our retreat. And now it's done - impressive!

I am finding more pictures of things we girls have done. This catching up business is making me wrack my brain!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. beautiful quilts. sometimes revisiting a UFO is like visiting a friend. hmmm.... now where is that box of UFOS?????? lol


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