Friday, May 16, 2014

Sherrie's Latest

Frienzie Sherrie creates some gorgeous quilts, and I recently got to see two that I think you will like.

A year or so ago she bought an embroidery machine and then signed up for a BOM to force herself to become accustomed to using it. The beautiful creation you see above is the result of that effort. It is incredible. Each block is so perfectly detailed, neat and square and matched. I should have taken some close up shots to show you the detail. It certainly is going to be an heirloom.

I can show you some detail work on a hand towel that she did. I tell  you, these embroidery machines can do some magnificent work, can't they? I've seen them demonstrated at quilt shows, and marveled at the creativity of the quilters who use them. This is beautiful in its simplicity, don't you think?

The gorgeous creation above is in Sherrie's master bedroom. Isn't it luscious? What we have here are two ingredients for a sure-fire winner: stars, and lots of blue and white. Love it! Notice that cool border of white stars. Some of the blue stars are wonky, some are star-in-a-star. There is just so much to look at, for such a seemingly simple quilt. This pattern may be calling my name.

On the day that we sewed at Sherrie's, Judy T. stopped by. The Irish Chain above is hers, and the story behind it is wonderful.

Judy's mother, a quilter, passed away recently, and in her quilting materials, Judy found the pieces to this quilt all cut out, but didn't know what quilt was to be made. In other words, the pattern wasn't with the pieces. With some helpful input from our mutual friend Kay, this quilt resulted. They did eventually find her mother's pattern and figured it all out. Judy had it quilted by a woman in Amish country. How special this quilt must be to Judy, and what a wonderfully healing process to work with these pieces, figure out the puzzle, and have a warm, wonderful quilt as a reminder of her mother. So special.

And finally, on that same day at Sherrie's we had another special guest - Flynn! Sharon P. stopped by with grandson in tow. My how he's grown! We marveled at how big he's gotten. He will be 2 in October, so he's a big boy. Blond-haired, blue-eyed lady-killer is what he is!! ;)

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Sherrie's blue star quilt is calling my name. Would you know the name of the pattern/designer?


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