Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Clean Sewing Room

Oh, how I wish I could claim that the sewing room I'm about to show is my own clean space! Alas, my own is very, very messy and cluttered and unorganized. My friend Terry, however, recently attacked her cluttered sewing room and has willingly allowed me to share here with all of you.

Up these steps prepare to enter a most inviting space.

Here we stand just in the doorway, looking at a well-equipped, fully stocked sewing room. Tidy and functional, too!


Just inside the doorway to the left is this long counter that serves as both a cutting space and an ironing area. The walls are decorated with ribbons won in quilt shows as well as other sewing/quilting-related ephemera.

 From this same spot just inside the door, looking right, you see the entire room open up before you. Interesting things to look at everywhere! The double work space in the center of the room is especially nice, don't you think?

For the picture, above, I have moved around to the opposite side of the room, and I'm facing that wall with the cutting counter. The door is just beyond the black cupboard.

And in this picture, I have moved further around the room to show the large closet that is jam-packed full of fabric.

Terry certainly gets lots done - whether she's sewing in this room, in the family room when we all come over, or when she's on a retreat. Prolific doesn't even begin to describe how much she accomplishes. Years ago, she and another woman owned and operated a quilt shop, so she's been at it for awhile! I was a customer in that store in the mid- to late-80s. Look at us today - friends!!

Speaking of all she accomplishes, let me show you a quilt that she quilted on her long-arm machine. It is quite pretty! Below are three shots of the same quilt; I'm trying to get a good view of the really great quilting she did.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Terry a little bit better. She's just the kind of friend everyone wants - fun, generous, and caring.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. nice spot to sew and nice quilt.
    I myself have a much smaller room and am unorganized and cramped. especially when two kitties want to sew with mama!


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