Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flowers and Stitches

Aren't the flowers in my husband's gardens looking great? He loves lilies and they are showing their exceptional beauty this week. We are enjoying these wonderful splashes of color all over the backyard.

From the sewing room, I can show you a few more bits of work on Eventide. I do love the way these blocks are coming together. These units will become part of all those Ohio Star blocks - if memory serves, I need 42 Ohio Stars.

I said earlier that I was concerned that I'd end up with more brown than I wanted; from looking at this, I think I should be more concerned about green! I will wait to withhold my opinion until I have it more of it together. No sense in worrying now - just get it sewn together!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. looks great so far and the lillies are so pretty. I have a few in my garden as well. it was fun this year to see what I had as we just bought the place last summer.

  2. The colours in the lilies are beautiful. Wouldn't they make a stunning quilt? Speaking of quilts, I think the green really sets of the reds in your blocks wonderfully.


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