Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another Bridal Quilt

We Frienzies have had wedding fever this year. Last July, Hettie's daughter Kaitlyn got married. Just a little over a month ago, my own dear Erin tied the knot. And coming up in about 2 weeks, Pam's daughter Carly will walk down the aisle. And in true Frienzie form, each bride will have a quilt made by the loving hands of these 8 women.

On Sunday, we had our regular monthly get-together and  combined it with a bridal shower for Carly. We met at a local restaurant, thus saving the burden of food prep for another time. It was a wonderful afternoon, and I think Carly loves her new quilt. Take a look at the progression of the big reveal! Fun!

Carly and Pam showing the quilt front.

And showing the quilt back.

All the Frienzies plus two daughters: Sherrie, Susan, me, Kay, Carly, Pam, Hettie, Kaitlyn, Lyn, and Sharon.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! The back is almost as pretty as the front! What a delightful quilt and what a fun reveal :)

  2. love this quilt. so so pretty and fun


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