Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grandma's Split 9-Patch

One real quick post from Grandma's closet today, peeps. I missed yesterday, darn it. I was trying to go for one post each day for the month of July. Oh well...

I think Grandma referred to this block as the Split 9-Patch, but perhaps it's known by other names. She made one quilt using this block and the way they are arranged makes for some very interesting secondary patterns. She really enjoyed making that first one and began a second. I recall that she asked me for some dark scraps to add variety, and I see many bits of fabrics in the photo above that came from my stash.

This is yet another of Grandma's UFOs that I will enjoy finishing.

You know, she acts like she doesn't care a bit about quilting anymore, but I bet if I were to pull this one out and work on it, she'd be thrilled to see the progress. I might just schedule an afternoon to visit her, and take this as handwork to do while we chat - that would really tickle her. *wink*

I just might do it.

Oh, and another thing, if you click that tab under my header where it says Grandma's Quilts, you can take a little tour of some of her many creations.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Really drawn to the colors of this quilt top.

  2. I'm sure that your grandmother would love it if you worked on those blocks while you were visiting her. Even if she really has lost interest in quilting, I'm sure that she would love seeing you work on them and knowing that her gift of them to you is being used and appreciated.

  3. after one of your prior posts I had wondered if there was a record of your grandmother's quilts.... glad to hear there are photos, so how when you see dozens and dozens of quilt by a relative it lends new meaning to "oh, I was just a quilter"


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