Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh my gosh, it's JULY!

Do the days just seem to fly by?? I cannot believe I am going around the house this morning turning the calendars to July. Gracious. What happened to June? A week at the beach and a week at quilt camp, and there wasn't much left of it, was there?

It is about this time of year when I feel a certain need to assess how industrious - or lazy - I have been in getting my goals finished. I will be doing that soon - like maybe this week. Also, my sewing room is an absolute disaster. It  has become a "catch all." I have paths from the ironing board to the sewing machine and the cutting table. I'm ashamed of how I've let it get so bad. I really ought to devote some time to straightening it up this month. I think I will be more productive in a cleaner, well-organized space.

When I take my stuff to sew elsewhere, I end up bringing it home and just plopping it down. Throw in a wedding and a craft fair, and I've totally lost control! Coming and going the way I have the last several months has not left me with a tidy sewing room, most certainly!

Well, I'm not all talk today! I have a few pictures of a quilt camp finish to share. This was mailed to me with instructions to be quiet about who made it and what it's for because surprises are involved. *wink*  So you'll just have to look on in awe and wonder!

 Happy Quilting, Friends!

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