Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sharon's Snowbird Progress

This Monday sewing thing with Sharon is going to pay off big dividends, I can tell already! She has the center portion of a quilt finished already, and is pondering border options!

This is what one gets out of 2 Charm Packs. It won't be a humongous quilt, but it will make a wonderful quilt for wrapping up on cold days with a book or a good movie.

This will be the border. She did this on Monday, and I had a text from Sharon yesterday that she went to Old Town Fabrics, purchased the border fabrics and has them on! I told you this was paying off big dividends!! Way to go, Sharon!

Now, lest you think that's all she's done, get a look at this.

Several years ago, Sharon made a couple of quilts with snowball and 9-patch blocks. There were these leftover 9-patches, so she whipped up a wall-hanging, has it sandwiched, and is ready to quilt it. She actually started quilting it while here with me on Monday. That same text message yesterday informed me that she had it finished and was ready to start the binding. Whoo-hoo! She has certainly found her motivation!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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