Thursday, July 3, 2014

Together Again

After quite a long hiatus, it appears that Sharon and I are back on a schedule of getting together to sew every week. My schedule is relatively loose, so we worked around hers, and Monday seems to be the day that will be 'our day.' Yay!

She was over this week, and brought her backing for the quilt camp beauty that she whipped up.  Let's see all the parts in one post:

The original quilt was a kit that included the backing. When Sharon decided to enlarge the quilt by one row, the provided backing was insufficient, so she needed to add on. I think these dots are a perfect addition for her quilt.

This close up of one of the blocks shows just how predominant the dot fabrics are in the quilt front.

And here is the full size quilt top, one row longer than the original pattern called for. It looks great! The big pieces went together fast. It will look fantastic finished and stretched out on someone's bed. I am not typically a fan of orange, but this quilt is mighty fine, isn't it?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt! I love projects that go together quickly, but turn out looking as nice as this.

  2. love this top. I am usually a "cool colors" person but these "hot" colors are gorgeous


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