Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pastel Nine-Patches

Several posts back I promised that I would show you the two pastel 9-patch quilts that I stitched together at quilt camp. I've delayed long enough, so have a look.

I began this quilt at the retreat to Canter's Cave back in early April. Click here to read about it. Then wedding preps took center stage, so it seemed only fitting that I'd work to finish the flimsies at quilt camp. I have enough blocks left over that I can use one in each corner of the borders.

Can you tell we are having great weather??  It's bright, beautiful and cool here in Ohio! I've draped the flimsies over the bench. I hope you can tell that there are 2 of them. I've arranged the blocks in such a way as to have colors running diagonally across the quilts.

I mentioned borders earlier, and that is now my concern. Originally, I thought I'd just buy some solid yardage and use leftover 9-patches in each corner. Then at quilt camp, Kay suggested piano key borders of all these pastels. I've sorta' latched onto that idea. However, just yesterday I discovered a new possibility.

Hunky Dory has to be about 4 years old by now. I've had this layer cake so long, and I have no idea what I'll ever do with it. So maybe I could cut this into piano key pieces to make a border? I have two solid pieces of yardage that could be inner borders. See what you think.

Close enough? There'd be a good bit more playfulness in the quilts with the fun colors and designs in Hunky Dory. Plus, I think a piano key border adds playfulness, as well. 

I sure would be interested in your opinions.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. love that quilt and love the hunky dory border idea. great colors!

  2. Me, too. I love the nine patches, and I think piano keys in Hunky Dory would be a fun border to add to the quilt. Weather here in Indiana has been really nice, too.

  3. I think Hunky Dory piano keys would be just, well Hunky Dory! How about using the blue for a narrow stop border and also for the binding?

  4. I don't remember the size of the nine patches? I would think the piano key border would have to be wide enough not to look like an after though. And there is the thought of working with a 10 inch piece.....


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