Saturday, July 5, 2014

Snowbird Fabric

One of the biggest hits at quilt camp was the fabric Pat was using in her quilt. Almost every camper stopped by her work space to ogle the gorgeous Snowbird by Moda. In the star block below, there is a pinkish cast to the neutral, which is NOT true - the colors are very pleasing, with no pinkishness at all.

By the end of the week at least 3 of us had visited the cutting table downstairs to get some of our own Snowbird fabric!

Sharon bought 2 Charm Packs and worked on sewing these together last Monday when she was here to sew.

The lighting is rather horrible, but you can see that she is simply chain piecing the charm squares. Nothing fancy; just FAST!

I bought 6 half-yard cuts - and no, I  have no plan for how to use them. But I sure didn't want to miss the chance to have some, either! It was a deliberate decision - I pondered it all week! It only totals up to 3 yards, so I have to consider my options carefully. I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to returning to the shop to buy a bit more, and I probably should have, but I was trying to remain true to my pledge to use from the stash. (Sometimes, that grows tiring, you know?)

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. fast is good. love the colors
    I am a blue kinda gal :-)

  2. I have shopped my stash for two years now and it is the longest two years of my quilt life. Sure most of what I would have added to my stash would have been unremarkable. But this Snowbird, is GOOD looking. I know what you mean some times some new fabric is a great idea!


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