Tuesday, March 29, 2016

6,283 Reasons Why I've Not Blogged for a Week

Okay, I don't really have that many reasons, but as the one or two reasons piled up into three, then four, then more, I became overwhelmed. Where does one begin???

I decided I would break the events of the last week down into individual 'episodes.' Read together, they will paint a full picture of the week leading up not just to Easter and time with family, but also to sewing time with friends.

My twin nieces had been telling their parents that they wanted to come to Aunt Jayne's house again. The last time they came to stay overnight was Labor Day. You can refresh your memory of that fun experience by clicking here. They wanted to make outfits for their American Girl dolls, and they brought one pair of doll pants needing to be repaired.

My thought was that sewing doll clothes just by myself is tedious enough. I could not fathom doing it with two sets of 8-year-old fingers involved. So I did just about two whole outfits before they came, and left things like buttons and ribbons for them to sew. They loved their new doll clothes.

Anna Rose and Mary Jean
Close-up of the new doll outfits.
The whole overnight experience was cut short when we had a very scary and upsetting altercation involving a dogbite.  DH and DS had taken the girls out to roast hotdogs on a bonfire they'd started. Anna Rose had a hot dog and Steve (the dog) wanted it. He is normally such a well-behaved dog, but he just grabbed for that hot dog and took a piece of Anna Rose's left pinky with it. Oh my gosh! Amidst the screaming and blood, we wrapped it and called her parents to meet us at the ER. That was a very long evening, but no stitches were required. They cleaned the wound, applied antibiotics, and bandaged it. 

This all happened on Friday night, and we saw them next on Easter at my sister's house. By then, sweet Anna Rose was doing very well; she does not seem at all traumatized. She told me her "scratch" is already healing, and it doesn't hurt. It was traumatizing for me, have no doubt. 

Call me Aunt Basket Case. Especially on Friday. Anna Rose alleviated my worry on Sunday, bless her heart. She is just the sweetest thing. They both are! What they say about twins is very true - Mary Jean was just as 'injured' as her sister - the tears and sobbing, I swear she felt everything as if it had happened to her, too.

Episode one - the dog bite. That is by far the worst thing to happen in the last week. Come on back tomorrow for additional episodes, none of which are as upsetting as this one. Thankfully.

I guess I should say that hospitals are required to report all dog bites to the county health department. We had a visit from them yesterday and Steve is now quarantined for 10 days. We have to show proof of rabies shots. His future will require a leash whenever a child is around. Every. Single. Time.  

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What a horrid experience for you all. I am so glad she is OK and hope you will also recover soon.

  2. Oh, dear. My ONE experience with a dog bite (neighbor's child, old grouchy step-dog now deceased) taught me that if it happened a second time the dog would be 'seized.' So even though there was a meaty hotdog as instigator, he still has a strike in the govt's eyes. So sorry you have to censor his family life now :-( And I empathize with the horrifying feeling when your dog bites someone else's child.

  3. oh poor you, poor Anna Rose, and poor Steve. hope you are all feeling much calmer now.


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