Saturday, March 12, 2016

Market Day - Step 6

I should say up front, especially if any readers are intending to make these little quilts, that I am arbitrarily naming these steps and they are different from the way pattern maker Pam Buda labeled hers. Her QAL had participants making some blocks in several steps, and I condensed those into one - if I need 20 HSTs, then I'm making them all together. Same with the 9-patches. You end up with the same results, but in a more direct manner.

Okay, so here is my final step before construction - those cute little pinwheels. In red! They promise to make these little quilts fun.

Both large and small version; needed 8 for each.
Now all the units are constructed and the next step is sewing them together to make the center of the top. Below are the parts needed for the large version which should finish around 21 inches.

And below are the units for the small version which should finish at around 11 inches.

Next post will be like a great reveal. Isn't that exciting!??!  I need to decide on inner border and outer border. Pattern directions say gold for inner border and red for outer. I will likely follow those directions.

Hope you all have a Fantastic Saturday!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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