Friday, March 4, 2016

Easy Easter Egg Centerpiece Mat

Yesterday I was browsing around Pinterest, and happened upon a picture of a pretty pastel Easter decoration that seemed like it would be very easy to make. This is the picture that captured my fancy.

After studying it for a bit, I closed up the iPad and headed off to the sewing room. I pulled 15-20 fat quarters and cut a 2-inch strip from each one.

Then I sewed them together randomly. I pressed the seams carefully, and then laid the entire piece on the cutting mat. This next step caused me a bit of apprehension.  How accurately could I could cut an oblong, egg-shaped oval? I drew some lines to guide me, and I rotary cut it like a pro.

After adding the batting and backing, I machine quilted stitch-in-the-ditch style and added some binding. In no time at all - say about 3 hours - I had it on the kitchen table, ready for Easter season.

This is a great beginner project, and could be done quilt-as-you go method, instead of the traditional method. I had my table ready for the Frankfort girls who were here this morning for quilting. My little mat was a huge success!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. easy-peasy and you're ready for the holidays! so many possibilities with this one. nice work!

  2. love your little mat. so so fresh and Springy!

  3. You certainly cut it like a pro. I would not have dared to use the rotary cutter. I would have used the safe tool, i.e. scissors. lol
    I understand that it was a succes. It's very pretty!


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