Thursday, March 10, 2016

Market Day - Step 5


What is the smallest 9-patch you've ever made? I do love the 9-patch and I've devoted many a blog post to those sweet blocks, but the small version of Market Day requires 12 9-patch blocks that measure 2 inches.


Three of the 12 blocks needed for the small version.
To illustrate size, those 3 blocks and a rotary cutter.

Three blocks for the larger version, measuring 3.5".
The directions are divided up so that quilters do 6 at a time, but since I'm not doing this as a QAL (it was held back in 2014), I'm doing the blocks in different order. I am also doing my own thing with regard to the number of reds and backgrounds I am using, and where I'm using them. All good. It will look fine when completed.

Today, I will try to finish the remaining 9-patches; I need to make 6 more of both the large ones and the small ones. Then I get to make some happy little pinwheels.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. You do like tiny blocks. :-) I've never made 9-patch blocks, although I always love the look they give a quilt.

  2. I have been making small blocks too. Mine are 3 inches from the 365 challenge quilt. many many teeny pieces but I need to hone my skills so chose to check it out. I may not end up making the whole quilt but if I improve, that is a good thing.


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