Thursday, March 31, 2016

Block Problems

Here's a third episode from last week that contributed to my lack of productivity here on the blog. When I cut out the 16th block for Best of All, I decided that if I were going to be efficient in making this at retreat, then I ought to make one just to get some sense of order for making the units for the block.
 I loved creating this little unit, and I love the combination of fabrics. Seeing just this little part made makes me very excited to continue working on this quilt.

 This unit intimidated me a bit because of all those biases. NO STRETCHING!! I did my best to keep the units in shape.

 I put the center portion together, and with the exception of a couple of intersections, I was pleased to this point. But then came trouble.

When I added that outer portion, everything was off - and not by just a little bit. I'm talking over half an inch off. What on earth?? I was flummoxed.

I took it with me to quilting on Friday morning to ask Terry if she encountered any difficulties when she made hers. This is when I learned that I was working on the wrong quilt.

But Terry did indicate that she'd had no trouble with constructing the blocks for this quilt. I took every part of the outer rim of the block apart, and resewed, using a slightly larger seam. Then I tried putting it back together. That is what is shown above. And it is still wavy and wonky. I could not figure out where I'd made a mistake, but obviously one had been made. My best guess at this point was that it occurred in cutting the triangles for the outer part of the block.

On Tuesday when Sharon P. was here for sewing, I decided that I would make the first block I cut out. It would help me to see if I'd made a mistake all the way through. Since #16 was such a mess, I certainly hoped that #1 would go together correctly.

 It went together like a dream! Yay!! In just a passing observation sort of way, I mentioned that the center square looked bigger on this block than on the previous one. Eureka!! I'd made THE discovery! This was where I'd incorrectly cut. The center square is supposed to be cut at 4.5 inches; I'd cut block #16 at 4.25 inches. A quarter of an inch makes all the difference in the world, as we all know!

Here are the two blocks side by side on the design wall. It is evident seeing them together that the block on the left has "issues." I am so glad that the other block went together properly. I will proceed with making this quilt, confident that the remaining blocks are going to work too. I think I only messed up on the last block I cut because it was late at night, and because it was the last block and I was hurrying. Never do that - hurrying is bad when cutting.

Today, I need to be reading, not sewing. Tomorrow is book club and I have most of my book to read. Title: Blood From Stone by Frances Fyfield. British murder mystery. I am reading it on the iPad/Kindle, and I'm only 13% done.

Happy Quilting, or Reading, Friends!!


  1. 4.25 is an unusual size, so cutting at 4.5 sounds like a very easy mistake to make. Turned into a very attractive block though :-}

    Well done for working out the problem, must have been terribly frustrating until you did so.

  2. this quilt will be beautiful. love it so far. dont you hate it when you make a cutting error? I had a quilt that I cut years ago (yeah now a UFO) for a niece. BUT I never realized when I stopped and then another day continued to cut that I used the WRONG ruler. yep, half the quilt cut WRONG! this quilt has since become a baby quilt, a quilt for my cat, a table runner etc as I tried to match the pieces that fit. what a nightmare!


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