Thursday, June 30, 2016

Floral Columns - Reverse Side

In keeping with my plan to have a reversible Floral Columns quilt, I stitched up the reverse side yesterday. The first side - Tuesday's effort - features the colors of spring, a light, airy mix of pastels and vivid colors.

The back - side 2, if you will - features the colors of autumn: rich, warm hues of orange, chocolate, green and red.
 As soon as I finished side 2, I pressed it and dashed out to our newly hung clothesline. It was after 6pm and the evening shadows darkened my shots considerably.

 I tried a few different angles so that the shadows might have less impact on the colors. I know, it's like torture to have to look at several pictures of the same quilt. *wink-wink*

I now have the front and back of Floral Columns completed. If I take this to Terry for quilting, I will have to add fabric to one or the other, as they are exactly the same size presently. The longarm machine needs to have the backing larger. I could just add one more column to the back; this could then become part of the quilt back, or I could trim it off, depending on how much is drawn up in the quilting process.

I don't know if all that makes any sense or not, but suffice it to say, I have been considering my options for finishing the quilt.

Another thing I have been considering is how simple and easy this quilt was to piece. The pattern came from a book by Kaffe Fassett, but most of us know that this doesn't really require a pattern at all.
 The width of each column is whatever you decide to make it (I went with 8.5" because that's the width of my ruler), and the number of columns is also optional - make it as big or small as you desire. Even though a pattern isn't absolutely necessary, I am glad KF decided to put this simple quilt in his book, otherwise I would never have come up with this idea on my own. Had I not seen it in print, all my gorgeous fabrics would still be in the bins and tucked away in the sewing room.

We have reached the end of June! The year is half over already, if you can believe that! Gracious! And if you want to know something else special about the end of June, just click here. (The magic number is now 37.)

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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