Saturday, October 29, 2016

Two-Finish Friday

Gosh, it felt good. Yesterday I had enough time on my hands to put the finishing touches on not just one quilt, but two. Whoo-hoo!

First, I tackled the Baal-Carlon quilt. It is a t-shirt quilt I was commissioned to make, and all that remained to be done was half a border -- two sides were done; two remained. Here are a couple of shots of this quilt, which now has the backing prepped and it sits ready to be delivered to be quilted.

I love that the client selected green for the borders and sashing. The back will be from the same fabric, as will the binding.

When this was completed, I took that Veteran's Quilt down from my design wall and applied the borders to it. I'd cut them Thursday night, so all was ready to go. The quilt is small - lap size - so the effort was minimal. And here are the final pics of it.

I will be handing this quilt off to JoAnn who will take it with her in late December when she goes to Florida for a couple months. Her Florida Guild  produces these as a charitable project. Since so many elderly veterans are retired in Florida, the need for compassion for these aging heroes is great. Several of us here in Ohio have made some for JoAnn to take back.

Short and sweet today, Peeps! Have a great Saturday!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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