Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Massive Room Re-Do

I will not even pretend to be embarrassed by the pictures you will see in this post. The mess that is my sewing room has gotten out of control, and when a table that once served as my husband's desk became available, it was time to get to work. Friday was the day of reckoning - we attempted to tame the mess.

This is as close as I can provide of a "before" picture. That square dent in the carpet is where the former cutting table was located. It was two bookcases situated back to back with a cutting board and matt on top. The bookcase was filled with books and patterns and files. Those contents are stacked, along with some other debris, around the room in order to make room for the big table.

 Example of the aforementioned stacked "debris."

Just in case you'd like to see it all from another angle, have a look. One really ought to be embarrassed by such pictures. I make no apologies, however. It's been working for me, and that's all I need to say about that.

Ahh, the large table! It is an Ikea model purchased just after I retired for two desktop computers, mine and my husband's. Soon, though, I had a laptop that I preferred, and just this summer, DH got a laptop. Consequently, the desk was available. The legs of the table adjust to different heights, but even so, I needed to put it on risers.

Getting the table up the steps and into the room was a huge job for the two of us, but we did it. And then began the task of putting the room back together. All the project tubs are under the table. Most are labeled and will be easy to access.
Of course, one thing leads to another, and before I knew it I was moving shelves and dressers and chairs. It is still not done, but I'm getting there.

This is the closest to what I have currently done. You can see that some major moving took place, most specifically, the brown dresser went from the side of the room to the end of the room. This allows more space for moving around the cutting table.

All of what you see in these pictures was done on Friday. I then had to get ready for History Day, which was Saturday. Then Sunday involved a big family get together for my mom's upcoming 80th birthday. Then Monday was a sewing day with Sharon. Perhaps after classes today and all day tomorrow I can get back to the business of straightening and rearranging.

On another note, I mentioned my that my mother's birthday was upcoming - well, we celebrated Sunday, but her actual birthday is TODAY!! Happy birthday, Mom! Hope you have an awesome day!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love the big table, looks great!

  2. you should love that big table - we all work in what we are comfortable in - some of us like a room to be really neat to create in and it gets messy while we are busy and we create and then clean - others can only work with things all around them -- whatever works right!

  3. I just happened upon your blog today for the first time. I love seeing your quilt room being transformed. Then I came to the part you talked about your Mom's 80th birthday party. You said her party was Sunday? My Mom's 80th birthday is coming up in January and she has requested to just receive cards. If you have any ideas on special gifts that my husband and I could give her, I would love any ideas that you could throw my way.

    thanks, Lori


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