Thursday, October 20, 2016

Slow But Steady Stitching

One thing we all know about hand quilting is that nothing about it is speedy. Even with the big-stitch look I am going for, the process takes time. I quilted for a little over 2 hours yesterday, and have moved to a new set of rows - primarily red, purple, orange, teal and pink.

 Those edge triangles are primarily yellow; they do a very good job of bordering the quilt. Regardless of the color of the row it touches, it seems to serve the purpose of a border very, very well.

 If  you scroll back through some earlier posts in which I have pictures of my quilting progress on this quilt, you might note that I am not getting much quilted in that lightest purple row. From either side of the quilt frame, I just cannot reach that row. So I think what I will have to do is quilt it in a portable frame after I get all the rest quilted. I've tried thinking of other solutions. The only other option is to roll it just a little bit, quilt that row, then roll it the entire way to the next section. I guess there is a learning curve with this  -  having never done it all by myself before, and only trying to remember what Grandma did, I am coming up against little dilemmas that I hadn't known existed.

Besides working on Erin's Diamonds, I continue to work in the sewing room on the t-shirt quilts. I hope to have them ready to deliver to the quilter by the end of this week.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Love your quilting on this , it's going to be a precious heirloom with all that hand stitching!


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