Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sewing With Friends

What a special day we had yesterday.

We - that would be Sharon and I, who were joined by our long-time friend Dee. We three go way back to our earliest days of teaching high school English at Chillicothe. Dee and I were hired together and began our careers in the fall of 1979; Sharon followed the next year and we have been close ever since. Isn't it great when friendships can last through so many years? Sharon and I both finished our careers right where we started, but Dee found herself moving several times in northern Ohio because of her husband's opportunities in school administration. Even across the distance, we have maintained our friendship and manage to orchestrate some get-togethers.

Dee brought her sewing machine, and spent the day getting a start on an extremely cheery and bright quilt made with two batik jelly rolls. Her pattern is from the summer 2015 issue of Fons and Porter's Quilting Quickly.

Won't this quilt look fantastic? I made Dee promise to send pictures as she proceeds toward a finish. I will provide those updates here. The quilt is easy and the fabrics are out of this world - I am almost moved to get started on my own version.

Sharon worked on her KF Shuttles some more. We have not sewn together in about three weeks, so it has been awhile since she'd been able to work on this. Go back to this post to see details of her start.

This is an impressive system of chain piecing happening, isn't it? She was going like gang-busters.

I worked on helping DDErin with yet another baby quilt. Lots of her friends are in baby-making mode, apparently. This one will be gifted on Sunday, so I will be able to share pictures after that. She brought it to my house about a week ago, and she began machine-quilting it on my machine. After a couple of puckering mistakes, she stopped and I offered to finish quilting it when rushing wouldn't be such an issue. That occurred yesterday, so now it awaits its binding, which she has at her house. Plans are as yet unmade for getting together to finish this off.

It was a gloriously wonderful day, catching up with Dee, and Sharon too, for that matter. We made lots of progress on our quilts, and we so loved our time together.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Oh! Sewing with friends is the best! The batik fabrics are so pretty! I just started buying pre-cuts in earnest (Thank you Missouri Star), so your post really caught my eye! I hope you all can get together soon! :)


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