Monday, June 27, 2016

Columns - Celebrating Summer

Back in May (I think) Sharon and I made a plan. We wanted to celebrate Kaffe Fassett and the beginning of summer - so we agreed to dive into our respective KF stashes and make a KF quilt we've long admired called Floral Columns. I introduced the idea here.

Over the weekend, I pulled out a couple of my KF fabric bins and began auditioning fabrics.

This grouping, above, is a spring-inspired combination that I really think will work well.

Sharon suggested that we select a second grouping that would be the back of the quilt, and then we'd have reversible quilts. Great idea and with that goal in mind, I pulled a second set of fabrics.

This combination has a decidedly darker and heavier look - winter tones? However I describe it, I like it and the distinct contrast with the first grouping.

All of them together; I think they will work. I do have a few more fabric bins to search through. I will look at them to see if anything is worth considering for these groupings.

The big sewing day is tomorrow. In addition to Sharon's coming, we have talked our Frienzie Kay, also a KF collector, into joining us. It promises to be a really fun and productive day!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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