Thursday, June 15, 2017

Frankfort Girls Block Swap

Three weeks ago when the Frankfort girls met here at my house, one of the group brought a new book she thought we'd all be interested in seeing. I think it was Terry. And she was right; we all drooled over the pretty quilts and individual blocks. The book is one many of you have probably seen: The 4" x 5" Quilt-Block Anthology: 182 Blocks for Reproduction Fabrics by Carol Hopkins and Linda M. Koenig, published by That Patchwork Place.

(Grabbed from Amazon.)

The authors include tips in the book for a block exchange, and we tossed around the idea of doing one in our group. The idea took hold, and next week when we meet we are to bring our fabric selections.

With that explanation, you will now know why I am pulling fabrics today from the dresser where I store all the fat quarters. Earlier I had something of an epiphany, and I was prompted to action.

For all the years I have been pinning pictures of quilts on Pinterest, one quilt that I would just love to make is one that is reminiscent of a faded, muted brown or gray quilt, with very little contrast or color. Here are some pictures taken from my pin-board, all similar to the one I have in mind.

With all that information, here are the 6 fabrics I have pulled from the depths of the stash. If any of you are seasoned veterans in fabric purchasing over the last 25 years or so, then you may recognize this hodge-podge of ancient beauties.

It will be interesting to see what results. I doubt we have a very tight deadline on this project, so you may not hear much more about this until the end of December. Oh, I may bring some intermittent updates, but I suspect it's likely going to be a long-term project. And a fun one, too.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love this color pallet! I think I have that Field Greens one in my pinterest as well! I also recognize a couple of the other pics as Country Sampler quilts... they do such a nice job of designing and color planning! Good luck with this project! I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in seeing where you go with this idea! :-)

  2. Certainly have the look of reproduction fabrics to me and all lovely. Will definitely suit the planned blocks. Lovely quilts you have in your bookmarks.


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