Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bonus Quilt

Sometimes I just can't explain why I do the things I do. Case in point, yesterday I made a mini-quilt that I had absolutely no plan or idea or inkling of making as the day began.

Yesterday was a sewing day with Sharon, and I had in mind that I'd work on finishing that baby quilt I wrote about some time back. It was still spread out on my table, and truly, I just needed to finish it.

But . . .

Also spread out on the table was a partial charm pack of an old Sentimental Studios fabric line called Pashmina. At one point years ago, I took a few pieces out for a project, but the remainder was still hanging around with no foreseeable project awaiting it.

So I began sewing. First I made half-square triangles. Then I decided to make quarter-square triangles out of them. After about 24 made, I stopped and sewed them into a 4x6 grid. Then I went digging for a border. The "blue drawer" contained a bit of an old floral from Blackbird Designs called Garden Magic that matched the colors adequately, and so without giving it too much thought, I cut some and applied borders and corner QSTs. I love it!

I am so pleased with this unexpected little quilt, one that was not even on this gal's radar. After finishing this, I did move on to the baby quilt, and will need to find some suitable border fabric before I can claim a finish on it.

More pics to come on the baby quilt, as well as pictures of what Sharon worked on. She is getting a jump start on our project of the month - the July Roman Holiday quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I started a quilt with little hourglass blocks they are so much fun to make. Yours turned out really great


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