Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Too Busy for Quilting!

Lately it seems I have had too many irons in the fire to maintain any sewing and quilting momentum. Here's a run-down of the past week:

Friday - the fabric shop road trip with the Frankfort Girls. I've already shared this in the last post.

Saturday - Buckskin Community Yard Sale in South Salem. I joined forces with my neighbor Dorothy, and we had a relatively successful day. We set up in the parking lot of Buckskin Elementary, and it was hotter than blazes, but we had a good, steady stream of customers. The picture below was taken at the end of our day.

Saturday night - dinner at La Cascada. DH and I have been enjoying a weekly visit to this Mexican restaurant in Hillsboro for years now. We don't make it every single week, but we do go often. On this particular visit, we were joined by my niece Abby and her husband Stephen. It was a fun impromptu family dinner.

I spent Sunday catching up on laundry, unpacking the remains of the yard sale, and preparing to go on a quick overnight trip with my mother to Put-In-Bay.

Monday - Travel to Port Clinton, Ohio, and board the ferry to South Bass Island in Lake Erie where Put-In-Bay is located. We booked an Airbnb called The Dellwood for our accomodations, and all was lovely.

A ferry on Lake Erie waiting to dock. The water looks relatively calm here, but when we came out around noon on Monday, the waves were quite choppy; our ride was not smooth. At least one passenger got seasick and threw up. (None of our party, thankfully.)

Tuesday - leave PIB, and drive over to Marblehead to see the lighthouse.

More clouds and breezy conditions. We did not take the time to go up into the lighthouse, but for a small fee, visitors can do this. We did go through the historical museum and learned about the lighthouse, its keepers, and general history of the area.

Wednesday - today - I'm back home, I have driven for our Mennonite neighbors, walked 2 miles, and am getting ready to go to a friend's for a couple of hours of pool time (it's so chilly, it'll be more sun time than water time!). I hope to sew a quick project yet, and deliver it to Hillsboro later tonight.

I did take some stitching with me on the trip to the lake, and I even managed to sew while DH drove; I will provide details and progress soon.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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