Friday, June 15, 2018

Entering the Land of Blockheads 2

During the past year and a half, I faithfully printed off every single pattern in the Blockheads 1 series, the popular sew-along sponsored by Moda fabrics and several top-name designers and authors. I made exactly 2 blocks, but did not have the time to make them all.

Fans of Blockheads 1 have been patiently waiting for Blockheads 2 and we are in the second week of this new sew-along. More designers are involved, blocks are not all 6" blocks as they were in the first go-around. Now we have 12" blocks, too.

And you guessed it -- I am going to try to keep up with this one. We shall see. I have a long record of falling off the sew-along wagons I have previously attempted. What I begin with good intentions eventually becomes burdensome, and I quit. Hmmm. Hopefully not this time.

I spent the first week of the sew-along auditioning fabrics. This room is a mess with boxes, tubs, and drawers spilling out all my options. Here is a sampling of what I tried and rejected.

Most of this fabric is quite old; the floral set on the right is the newest - the Lecien fabric I bought earlier this spring.

But even older than any of those shown in the first photo, I pulled out one of the oldest fat quarter packs in my stash - Treasures of York County Heritage Trust by P&B Textiles. How old is this? I have been looking around on the interwebs to see if I can discover its age; currently I have found a Facebook page and have submitted a question. Maybe I will get an answer. Anyway, here's what I am using.

This fabric group is both pretty and garish. I suppose that might be why I have avoided using it for all these years. So, since my foray into the Blockheads world is an experiment, I might as well experiment with the fabric, too.

I have the first two blocks finished, and at this early point in the game, *gasp!* I am caught up. My goal will be to do each block as released - every Wednesday. Plans. Crossing my fingers. Hope I can do it.

Block 1 - 12"

Block 2 - 6"

Side-by-side comparison
So, there it is. My newest endeavor. I have two hopes: one, that I can keep up each week; and two, that this won't be totally hideous when I'm finished.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. You're brave to attempt this long time BOW. Have fun with it!


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