Friday, June 29, 2018

Baby Quilt Flimsy

I am notorious for gifting baby quilts well after the birth of the babies - sometimes as late as a first birthday! But this next baby will have a quilt ready and waiting well before his birth.  *Win!*

The leftovers from a quilt DS Emma made for her college roommate's first child were still scattered about my workspace, so I just picked up those 60-degree triangles and stitched up a quilt top. It took no time at all because I didn't overthink it! (I waste so much time when I overthink.)

I am sure there will be issues from the stretching of bias edges, but I am going to charge on and ignore them. This is a baby quilt. It will get treated roughly. A puckered intersection here or there will not affect anything whatsoever. End of discussion.

My plan for finishing this quilt is to investigate my border and backing options with flannel as my preferred choice. I think a suitable plaid would be okay, or I could go with a soft baby-gray or navy. I will begin the search pronto.

Click here to read about the quilt Emma made for her friend.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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