Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Frankfort Girls

On Friday we met at Sharon's beautiful home, where her beautiful Stella d'oro lilies lined the front walkway with welcoming beauty.

Added later: what??!? I am a writing teacher, and that sentence is atrocious, plain and simple. Apparently, my editing and proofreading was nonexistent yesterday. *shaking my head in shame* 

Let me try again; I can do better.

On Friday we met at Sharon's secluded country home where a mass of Stella d'oro lilies lined the front walkway with welcoming beauty. Sharon is quite a gardener, and she knows the secret of making impact with quantity. It was quite lovely, and had my hands not been full, I'd have taken a picture for you. But you'll trust me on this, right?

I have only one finish to share with you, although everyone was busy, busy, busy with their stitching. Becky had recently finished this stunning project and had us all drooling when she unfolded it for us. My finished Village quilt top, which you've already seen, was the only other finish, I believe.

Becky's quilt probably has a name, but I did not get it. After it is quilted, it will be displayed as a store sample at Old Town Fabric Shop in Chillicothe. Becky works part-time there, and occasionally does samples for the store. This will be a block-of-the-month style offering for customers. From our spot in the back of the room, we couldn't get a full picture without a lot of moving and shuffling, but I think this partial view gives ample evidence of its size and beauty.

My hand stitching continues to be Lake Effect, and I don't just do it on these Friday sewing dates. It is such a wonderfully portable sewing project; I stitch in the car, and in quiet B & Bs on a weekend getaway. With all the road trips we have been taking lately, I have accomplished quite a lot on Lake Effect. Come on back tomorrow and I will have some pictures of it to show you.

Hope you are having fun with your stitching!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. It's so nice you and your friends have 'sew' times together. Becky's quilt is lovely. Happy stitching!


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