Monday, June 11, 2018

Yet Another Baby Quilt

I am of the age at which many of my friends are becoming grandparents. Long-time friends Judy and Harold are soon to welcome grandbaby #5 later this year, and since the previous four have quilts, this one must get one, too. This baby will join older brothers Cade and Wyatt. Click on their names to see their quilts. Click to see the quilts given to cousins Jackie and Parker.

So, my dilemma: what to do. I really want to use from my stash; there is just so much here that I surely should be able to come up with something suitable for a baby. While straightening up a little bit in the quilting room, I came across a bag of scraps from a quilt I helped DD Emma make last year for her college friend. This will be a perfect starting point, as plenty of extra 60-degree triangles were left over, and I have suitable fabrics to add in to get a good baby-sized quilt. Yay!

So far I have sewn together just three rows (and that makes for quite an odd-shaped picture); my plan is to get really busy on this this week to get it as near completion as possible. It represents such an easy project with satisfying results once wrapped up.

Of course, I have many other irons in the fire, and will share more of my little quilting world tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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