Thursday, June 14, 2018

Progress on Lake Effect

The most portable stitching on my current to-do list is, hands down, Lake Effect. Because DH and I have been doing much gallivanting around this month, and will do more before the month is over, I really felt it necessary to work on something during this car time. Lake Effect has been perfect.

The photo above represents the hexies I attached on Saturday and Sunday while we were on the road to Mansfield, Wooster and Coshocton. As long as the roads are smooth enough, I can easily stitch these rows of six that will surround the appliqued panels.

I continue to be concerned that the "look" effectively resembles water. With the name Lake Effect, I need this to have the look of a cold, winter waterway or waterfall. I will use more blue, and hopefully this will bring my desired result.

The last three pictures show my combined work from this month of road trips (and it's only the 14th!) - the one to Put-In-Bay and the one to Mansfield - as well as the Friday with the Frankfort Girls. I consider this significant progress.

And my perceived progress is just the motivation I need to keep myself on track with this endeavor and work toward a finish. It won't be long until I will need to be thinking about switching gears to do those appliqued parts. I promise I will no longer be intimidated by applique.


Happy Quilting, Friends!

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