Friday, October 12, 2018

Decorating With Quilts

For as long as I have known her, my friend Sharon has been a skilled home decorator. I lack the "eye" that she has, and gosh, what she comes up with is impressive! In her new (to her) Worthington home, she has pulled together some of her beautiful quilts to make this place distinctly her own.

The home is a split-level, and this beautiful 9-patch greets guests at the front door. Mostly blues from Edyta Sitar and Minick and Simpson, the blue-and-white theme has begun. At the top of the steps, looking into the living and dining area, more loveliness awaits.

This space is the most inviting, calm area. It is bright and airy, and the blue/white color scheme just accentuates the serenity.

Sharon has hung Elizabeth on the wall above her bed. Oh, what a quilt to feast one's eyes on! My own Elizabeth hangs folded over a hanger in the closet! I need to take Sharon's lead and get some of my beauties out where they can be enjoyed.

The lower level family room is a colorful Kaffe Fassett extravaganza. Unfortunately, I took just this one picture, but it is definitely an indicator of the entire space. All those sofa pillows are covered in KF fabrics. A larger yellow piece of his fabric is pulled across a canvas and leans on the ledge just out of the picture on the right. And on the opposite wall (on the left in the photo), hangs a quilt made with KF fabrics called Around the World. Couple these quilts and pillows with the carefully chosen accessories, and this room is a veritable riot of color.

I think Sharon could become a very highly-paid interior decorator, don't you? Second career? *wink*

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!! I am on an adventure with DH and our kids! More on that when we get back!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your friend's home with her wonderful quilts. Truly enjoyable.


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