Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Few and Far Between

That's what my posting has been lately. Anyone who reads this regularly, though, knows that we are in the midst of graduating our youngest and all that goes with this big event. We are preparing for a graduation party, attending the parties of others, trying to stay ahead of the lawn mowing (we have had something like 10 inches above normal rainfalls this spring!), just to name a few of the things going on around here. Graduation was Friday night, and it went well. Only an occasional misting up - no big tears or sobs.

My Bernina decided to become contrary late last week. I had been working on a bench pad for our screened porch, and the machine got quite clackety and loud. I kept sewing and finished the bench pad, but it was clear that the sewing machine needed some TLC.  The noise seemed to be coming from the area around or behind the bobbin, so I took apart as much as I could, brushed out all the lint, shot some canned air in there to dislodge hidden bits, oiled a few moving parts and put it all back together. VOILA! She runs like a dream! Happy dance time!

One other problem persisted: my tension seemed off, as whatever I sewed was coming out gathered! Not good. Did you know that older machines are not equipped to handle the weight of today's spools of thread? I have an old Bernina - around 24 or 25 years old - and had just replaced my thread with a new spool - it's too heavy!When I used a different, smaller spool, the tension problem disappeared. Interesting. Thread is marketed today on spools that are larger (more thread per spool), but older machines can't take them. At least mine won't handle them; I don't know if this is true across the board.

How will I use up all the thread I have on these bigger spools? I think I will have to buy a new machine. *wink, wink* Every dedicated seamstress needs a backup machine, right?

One pillow finished yesterday, and I love it! I sewed for a few more hours and look!

I am quite pleased with the results. These are 18" square; the pattern is in A Thimbleberries Housewarming by Lynette Jensen, and is called Flower Patch Pillow. The original calls for ruffles, but I opted to go without. Saves time and fabric, plus for a porch, I just didn't see a need to go to the extra fuss. My blogging friend Lori at Humble Quilts commented that these pillows have a French look, and I was so pleased! I didn't mention that this was the effect I was going for, so it was great to hear that the effect was achieved.

Tomorrow I will share pictures of Sharon's finished quilt top! Our Tuesday sewing session was productive!

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  1. Oh my, I'm way behind on blog reading. Your pillows are gorgeous! I love the blue and yellow French provincial look to them. Great combination of fabrics together, Jayne.

    I've also had trouble with the big spools on one of my backup machines, and daughters have trouble with theirs. I have a spool stand that sits on the table behind my machine, and the thread first goes off the spool up into the stand guide, then over to the machine. Actually I might have made it from parts from the serger I used to have. My stand is simple, basic, and works.
    I've seen ads for lovely metal stands shaped like flowers or something else from nature. A bit pricey, as I recall, but it would pay for itself if you can use the larger thread spools. Just a thought.


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