Saturday, May 28, 2011

Project Porch

Next Sunday afternoon we are hosting a graduation party for our DD. I have known we would do this for months, and have had the date set for at least 6 weeks. However, I find myself madly stitching porch cushions and accessories in preparation for this event. I have truly mastered procrastination.

Today I had a list of 6 items on my list.
1. foam cushion #1
2. foam cushion #2
3. foam cushion #3
4. hem tablecloth
5. pillow #1
6. pillow #2

Here is the foam for items 1-3 on my list. The small one in front is for a wicker chair; the middle one is for a matching wicker  settee. The large one is for a wooden garden bench.

I used an electric carving knife to cut the pieces to the correct size. Then I got busy tracing out the fabric to fit. Sewed them up and just have the hand-stitching to do. Closing the back openings. That foam is tough to work with, and I am glad that I have this job (nearly) behind me. I will have pictures when the stitching is completed.

I'm really excited about item #4 on my list. This is one awesome tablecloth!

I bought it at the Quilt Festival last month in Cincinnati. A vendor there specialized in international fabrics. On the wall of the booth was this tablecloth, and it was stunning. I mean, it literally stopped me in my tracks. I browsed through the booth, stroked all the beautiful fabrics - I was especially focused on the French fabrics - and chatted with the booth worker. Oh, how I wish I could have bought a little bit of everything!! It was breathtaking seeing all these rich, gorgeous colors spread so invitingly on the tables! I could have stayed in this booth all day!

I have the business card from this vendor. The store is French Connections located in Pittsboro, NC. Their website will show you lots of the pretty stuff!

And all I bought was the tablecloth that drew me into the booth in the first place. I so hoped it would fit this porch table - and look!! It does, to a T!

Item #5 on my list is this pillow. The fabric is called Provence by Timeless Treasures. I've had it for quite awhile, and decided (with the helpful input of Sharon) that it would work better as a whole cloth pillow rather than a pieced one. I think "Provence" looks right at home on my porch!

Item # 6 is a pieced pillow, but it is for the family room, not the porch. I will have a picture of it later, too. I had some leftover 5-inch squares from a charm pack that worked with my family room colors, so I stitched them up.  Pictures forthcoming.

So, my day has been productive. I really needed to get this stuff done, and while I sorta' waited until the last minute, I've got it under control now. Thankfully!

Six items on my list. All were dealt with; 2 were finished; 3 need openings whipstitched openings; the final one is a pillow top that needs a backing cut and a pillow form purchased. Not a bad day's work.


  1. You have been busy, but what a lot you've got done. I love the tablecloth too.

  2. It is coming along very nicely! That tablecloth looks like it was made for the table!! It is gorgeous!
    I'm getting a long church table and chairs.... nothing fancy at our graduation party;)


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