Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time is at a Premium

Since retiring in June 2009, I have been busier than I ever imagined. My promise to my DH and DD was to be a full-time wife and mother for the remaining 2 years of Emma's high school career, then consider going back to work, if needed or wanted.

So, the stay-at-home Mom experience is about to end in that Emma graduates in about a week and a half. In the fall, she heads off to college.

I did renege on my vow, just a bit . . . I worked part-time as an English instructor at a nearby branch of Ohio University. For the most part, however, I threw myself into being involved in Emma's activities. President of a booster club, bake sales, making costumes for the musical, attending every football game to see her half-time show, and the grandest gesture of all: I made her prom dress! (I'm still pretty proud of that accomplishment!)

I tell you all of this to account for why I can't seem to have time for blogging since last Thursday. I'd been doing pretty well for several days, but then all these things popped up!

Okay, so I spent last Friday in Ohio's Amish Country.

Miller's Dry Goods celebrated their anniversary with a 30% off sale, bringing quilters from far and wide to their doorsteps both Friday and Saturday. Two friends, Kay and Sherrie, and I (Sharon was unable to go!) joined in on the fun Friday, making some really awesome purchases.

Here's the rear of my van upon our return.

We stopped at Pearl Valley and stocked up on some cheese. This is what the 3 of us bought. We didn't go overboard, did we?

In my next post, I will show some of my individual buys.

Gotta run!
Happy Quilting, Friends.


  1. Ah Miller's...I love Miller's. That is where I find a lot of my fabrics. I have not been there in a while though. I am sorry to say that because Contry Fabrics is only a half an hour away from my house and I end up there alot. But the two things I love the most about Miller's the bargan basement and the fact thaty are big into Michael Miller fabrics when most shops around here are not.
    Glad to see you had a blast Jayne!

  2. You definitely are a busy gal. Retirement does NOT guarantee down time and boredom, I'm told by all my retired friends.

    Love the photo of all the cheese. Now that's something I'd be thrilled to buy in mass quantities, second only to fabric. :)


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